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Solar energy provider converts to worker­owned cooperative

From Rural Cooperatives:

The year 2016 was a record­breaking year for solar installations across the nation. Boosted by the decreasing cost of solar panels and the increasing visibility of the impacts of carbon pollution, the solar energy sector is rapidly generating jobs and clean energy capacity. The solar sector now employs over twice as many workers as the coal industry and, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association, “total U.S. installed solar PV [photo voltaic] capacity is expected to nearly triple over the next five years.” North Wind Renewable Energy was founded in 2007, when the U.S. solar market installed just 1 percent annually of what it installs today. Josh Stolzenburg started the company in Stevens Point, Wis., to get cleaner energy installed on utility electric grids in Wisconsin. During the past 10 years, North Wind has become a trusted renewable energy solution provider in central Wisconsin, specializing in the design and installation of solar electric systems for residential and commercial customers.

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Rural Cooperatives – Solar energy provider converts to worker­owned cooperative