Owners sell Save-A-Lot, Food City to employees

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From the Lewiston Sun Journal: Instead of traditionally selling their grocery chain, CEO Zak Sclar and his father, Stanley, opted to sell seven Food Cities and two Save-A-Lots to employees through an employee stock ownership plan. Through hoped-for annual profits, workers will pay the Sclars back and each year earn shares of the company that […]

Concerned Capital

Common Myths about Employee Ownership

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From Fifty by Fifty: Converting from a closely held company to broader ownership is a process. Most companies that convert to employee ownership are not fully employee owned on day one. A Yard and a Half Landscaping Cooperative in Massachusetts and Metis Construction in Seattle, Washington, are just two good examples of companies that took time to […]


Illinois Proposal Aims To Empower Worker Co-Ops

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From NPR: Some Illinois lawmakers want to make it easier for worker cooperatives to grow. Co-ops allow their employees to also be the owners. But state law doesn’t recognize them as a business entity, which makes it hard to get financial backing. State Rep. Carol Ammons, a Democrat from Urbana, is sponsoring legislation that would […]


Colorado co-ops seeing a revival in state with strong ties to “radical tradition”

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From the Denver Post: “Colorado is the Delaware of cooperatives,” Schneider said, repeating a phrase popularized by co-op lawyers. “We have some of the best co-op laws in the country.” Delaware’s flexible corporate laws make it an attractive place for many companies to incorporate in. The business model is similar to typical corporations, with one […]

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What if Workers Owned Their Workplaces?

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From The Nation: While many coops are start-ups, conversion of conventional businesses to cooperatives can be a vital investment in marginalized communities, and also widen accessibility to credit, since start-up capital can be pooled collectively. Of the 15 new cooperatives that launched in 2016, 11 were conversions. As struggling communities lose the mom-and-pop shops that […]


Berkeley Pledges Support and Funding for Worker Co-ops

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From the East Bay Express: Last week, the Cheeseboard’s longtime home committed to a new strategy for fighting economic inequality and building the local economy: city support for worker cooperatives. The Berkeley City Council voted unanimously on Fe.26 to include co-ops in the city’s small-business revolving loan fund; give co-ops, along with women- and minority-owned […]


Worker Cooperative Training in Hazard

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From The Manchester Enterprise: More than 26,000 Kentucky businesses, employing more than 300,000 people, are owned by baby boomers, many of whom have not identified the next generation of ownership and could be at risk of closing their businesses when they retire. Transitioning to a worker-owned cooperative or other form of employee ownership could keep […]