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Worker co-op bill being heard in Senate, could this model work for Benny’s?

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From The Rhode Island Senate calendar for Tuesday features legislation that makes it easier to create and run worker-owned cooperatives.  The bill is “a statutory vehicle for the creation and functioning of workers’ cooperatives which are corporations that are owned and democratically governed by their members.” Read more – Worker co-op bill being heard […]

New York

Baby Boomer Owned Businesses in Transition

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From the Central New York Business Journal (pdf): With more than 50 percent of all businesses with employees currently in ownership hands of the Baby Boomer Generation, our society is poised to experience on of the greatest transfers of capital ever.  In New York State alone that translates to 181,370 businesses employing 1.6 million people… […]

Democracy at Work Institute

For Retiring Business Owners, Worker-Owners Can Carry the Torch

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From the International Economic Development Council (pdf): For the busy owners of small businesses, short-term pressures often take precedence over long-term planning. That’s why many business owners lack a succession plan to ensure that the enterprise will continue when they’re ready to step down. The stakes are especially high when the firm is a community […]


Let’s Cooperate! How A-1 Builders Owners Successfully Sold to the Most Qualified Buyers: Their Employees

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From Whatcom Talk (pdf): The idea of selling A-1 Builders to their employees made a lot of sense to the pair. But although worker-owned cooperatives are becoming increasingly popular—due to their many benefits, including impressive productivity and high staff morale—the process of transitioning from a standard business to a worker-owned model is less common. Yet […]