Cincinnati Union Co-op Initiative

CUCI has been able to start several cooperative businesses, including two worker & community-owned cooperatives: Our Harvest Co-op and Apple Street Market (beginning construction soon), and a residential insulation worker-owned co-op: Sustainergy. We are currently actively engaged with a handful of organizations that are considering converting to worker ownership. We have also been engaged with numerous other organizations interested in converting to co-op that has not progressed due to external factors. We have a particular interest in manufacturing firms in our region, but are willing to work businesses from other industries as well. We are also interested in incorporating the cooperatives that we help transition or launch to our family of Mondragon-style cooperatives which receive ongoing technical assistance.

Company Stories


Unions and Worker Co-ops, Old Allies, Are Joining Forces Again

From Labor Notes: But today, the alliance between unions and cooperatives is finding new life. A number of unions are exploring ways to ally with cooperatives and to form new ones as alternative strategies to save their members’ jobs and create new ones. About 10 years ago, unions started to think again about the cooperative […]