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Nonprofit Takes Leadership Role to Address Business Succession “Tsunami”

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From Nonprofit Quarterly: Here at NPQ, we have noted that a business ownership succession wave—often called the “silver tsunami”—is rising. According to the nonprofit Project Equity, nationally “baby boomers own 2.34 million businesses, employ 24.7 million people, and have combined annual sales of $5.14 trillion.” Sadly, 80 percent of these businesses lack succession plans. Slowly, awareness of the looming crisis […]

New Jersey

Nonprofits Shift Baby Boomer Businesses to Worker Ownership in Bid for Community Sustainability

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Read full article at Nonprofit Quarterly: At NPQ, we have written about the growing prominence of employee ownership, but mostly from the perspective of the value of preserving businesses and jobs in the community. Still, these community benefits will only be realized if business owners agree to sell to their employees. So, what would drive a business […]


The Rose Garden becomes a worker-owned cooperative!

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From Lifeways: The Rose Garden Early Childhood Center is a LifeWays Representative Program and a home-away-from-home for children 18 months to 5 years in Buffalo, NY. After founding The Rose Garden in 2009, Judy Frizlen oversaw many successful years as owner and director. Then, when planning for retirement and facing the notion of handing over […]

New York

Baby Boomer Owned Businesses in Transition

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From the Central New York Business Journal (pdf): With more than 50 percent of all businesses with employees currently in ownership hands of the Baby Boomer Generation, our society is poised to experience on of the greatest transfers of capital ever.  In New York State alone that translates to 181,370 businesses employing 1.6 million people… […]

ICA Group

Hacking the American Dream: Progressive Senators Go Big for Worker Ownership

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From (pdf) Hacking the American Dream: Progressive Senators Go Big for Worker Ownership Two common-sense pieces of federal support for employee business ownership on the table The best-kept business model secret of our age is about to get the spotlight it has long deserved. It’s employee ownership—a proven, common-sense pathway to reduce inequality, anchor […]


Webinar Recap – Poverty Alleviation and Systems Change with Worker Cooperatives

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From Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy: A time-tested approach to community economic development internationally, worker cooperative businesses are making inroads in the United States with regional initiatives in New York City, Madison, the Bay Area, and rural areas in the South. In this webinar, we aim to introduce worker-cooperative development as an innovative approach to poverty […]