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Rural Cooperatives – Solar energy provider converts to worker­owned cooperative

From Rural Cooperatives: The year 2016 was a record­breaking year for solar installations across the nation. Boosted by the decreasing cost of solar panels and the increasing visibility of the impacts of carbon pollution, the solar energy sector is rapidly generating jobs and clean energy capacity. The solar sector now employs over twice as many […]


Stevens Point City Times – North Wind Renewable Energy Transitions to Employee-Owned Cooperative

From the Stevens Point City Times:North Wind Renewable Energy has announced the company is now an employee-owned cooperative.  The transition for the 10-year-old company took place April 1.In 2016, North Wind installed over 660 kilowatts of solar power at more than 40 homes and businesses in Wisconsin, helping customers save money on utility bills and transitioning to clean energy […]


Century Foundation – Reducing Economic Inequality through Democratic Worker-Ownership

From The Century Foundation: Employee-owned companies are a specific type of for-profit business owned by their workers; democratic employee-owned businesses are owned and also run by their workers. As a concept, employee-ownership is primarily about profit-sharing and worker participation. Employee-owned companies allow workers to take home a bigger, fairer share of the fruits of their […]