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Let’s Cooperate! How A-1 Builders Owners Successfully Sold to the Most Qualified Buyers: Their Employees

From Whatcom Talk (pdf): The idea of selling A-1 Builders to their employees made a lot of sense to the pair. But although worker-owned cooperatives are becoming increasingly popular—due to their many benefits, including impressive productivity and high staff morale—the process of transitioning from a standard business to a worker-owned model is less common. Yet […]

Greenfield’s Ewing Controls invests in itself as it takes on international projects

From the Greenfield Recorder (pdf): Both men decided to move to co-op ownership, giving their employees a chance to buy into the business and allow for democratic governance, with each of the worker-owners having an equal share in the business. “For Tom and I, it was very much a business decision,” said Ewing, who specializes […]

A longtime Bellingham business is leaving something of value to workers – ownership

From the Bellingham Herald (pdf): When Rick Dubrow and Cindi Landreth began pondering passing their business on to someone else, they were not excited about selling it to strangers. They feel much better turning it over to the people who have created much of the wealth in the business. In July A-1 Builders Inc. will officially […]

Retirement of Boomer Business Owners Could Leave Millions Jobless – Unless Workers Take Over

From In These Times (pdf): The federal government estimates that more than 10,000 baby boomers retire every day—4 million people every year. Between them, soon-to-retire boomers own 2.34 million businesses, with nearly 25 million employees. Boomer-owned businesses generate $949 billion in payroll, and $5.14 trillion in sales. Yet the vast majority of boomer business owners lack a written […]

Employee Ownership could be Asheville’s Key to Prosperity

From the Asheville Citizen Times (pdf): In Western North Carolina the 12,000 retiring small business owners (nearly half of the total according to our latest study) do have options. For example, they could sell their businesses to outside corporations looking to acquire more diverse assets for their portfolios. This often means layoffs, relocation, changes in […]

Employee Ownership Could be Answer to Exit of Baby Boomer Owners

From the Minnesota StarTribune (pdf): The deal-making crowd is understandably excited about the fees to be earned in helping baby boomers sell their businesses on their way into retirement. None of the business brokers and bankers appear to have yet pointed out what the nonprofit group Nexus Community Partners has been saying, that this big […]

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