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Employees to own all Buehler’s supermarkets

From the Akron Beacon Journal: After 88 years, Buehler’s Fresh Foods soon will no longer be owned by the founding family. But the new owners are extremely familiar with the grocery stores. The 13 supermarkets are being sold to the company’s eligible employees through an employee stock ownership program, or ESOP. A new company named […]

Employee ownership represents a fairer economic development strategy

From CA FWD: A few years ago, the New York Times reported that state governments spend over $80 billion per year on business incentives. States, including California, offer tax reductions and other special subsidies to companies that promise to relocate jobs in state or even just promise not to move them out of state. The cost per […]

Gov. Phil Scott signs proclamation designation October as Employee Ownership Month

From Proctor, Vt. – At a signing ceremony Wednesday, Governor Phil Scott proclaimed October as Employee Ownership Month in Vermont. The proclamation recognizes the value of employee ownership to Vermont’s economy and in creating opportunities for Vermont workers. “Employee-owned companies play an important role in our economy, bringing stability, increasing productivity and supporting local […]

Solar energy provider converts to worker­owned cooperative

From Rural Cooperatives: The year 2016 was a record­breaking year for solar installations across the nation. Boosted by the decreasing cost of solar panels and the increasing visibility of the impacts of carbon pollution, the solar energy sector is rapidly generating jobs and clean energy capacity. The solar sector now employs over twice as many […]

Maine solar business pursues conversion to worker­owned co­op to sustain business, create more jobs

From Rural Cooperatives: Much has been made of the oncoming wave of baby boomer retirements — dubbed the “Silver Tsunami” — and the opportunity for retiring business owners to convert to employee ownership as a business succession strategy. Particularly in rural areas, where the population is much older than average, selling any small business is […]

Bridging income disparity through employee-owned business structures

From the Longmont Times Call: Since January, there has been a resurgence of civic participation; citizens worried about everything from health care to the integrity of our democracy. While the worries are vast, a common thread persists: the struggle to get ahead has never seemed harder, as many people are working harder for less despite […]

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