Workers to Owners Collaborative

The Workers to Owners Collaborative is a national collaborative convened to bring worker ownership to scale through conversions of existing businesses.

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Legacy Business Initiative

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our neighborhoods and a pathway to participation in the economy, especially in communities of color. Most minority-owned small businesses – even successful legacy businesses two decades old or more – do not have a succession plan. Thousands of local businesses are at risk of closing as owners near retirement age. This potential small business closure crisis comes at a time when minority-owned small business plays a key role in maintaining the character and vitality of urban neighborhoods.

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Become a Conversion Guide

While many of the aspects of converting a business to a cooperative or employee-owned form require specialization, there is an important role for generalists to engage business owners and help guide early exploration. DAWI is offering a training to help you have enough knowledge to be an informed generalist in your city or region. Attendees will learn the basic conversion process, see case studies, and understand the field of partners and specialized technical expertise needed to complement your role as a local guide.

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