PR Log – Soon-to-retire Baby Boomers In Western North Carolina Own ½ Of All Privately-held Businesses

From PR Log:

The Industrial Commons and its national partner Project Equity, announced today that almost ½ of Western North Carolina small businesses are owned by aging baby boomers, demonstrating which small businesses in the WNC region are most vulnerable to permanently closing business or consolidating within a few years. It also identifies industries to be impacted and the vast numbers of employees affected. The data is being released in an effort to demonstrate the opportunity for these WNC small businesses to transition to employee-owned companies.

“It has been in the face economic loss that we asked ‘how can we bring WORK back differently?’ The Industrial Commons is dedicated to building a new vision of southern labor by rooting equity and workplace democracy in local businesses.” – Molly Hemstreet, Co-founder The Industrial Commons and Opportunity Threads.

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