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Project Equity
Oakland, CA

National organization that builds awareness, supports businesses transitioning to broad-based, democratic employee ownership and engages with strong partners to expand conversions to new regions.

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Nonprofit helps employees take hold of reins as business owners retire

Read the full article at the San Francisco Chronicle Tom Adams and George Chittenden, owners of Adams & Chittenden Scientific Glass, have been coasting toward retirement. The prospect of retiring was once daunting, Adams told me, because he and Chittenden didn’t know what to do with the Berkeley glassblowing company they started together 25 years […]

Employee Ownership and The Promise of Quality Jobs

From the Times of San Diego: In California and nationally, historically low unemployment rates are not a sign of prosperity, but indicatethe arrival of an economy that specializes in creating low-paying, temporary jobs with no benefits or job security. According to a Princeton University study, such positions were responsible for 94 percent of American job growth […]

Californian City Looks To Keep Its Factories

From Forbes: Project Equity approached Kline and the City of Fremont with a plan to both understand the threat they faced with ageing business owners and also to help get the word out that there that employee ownership could be a viable succession plan for them. “We talk to a lot of businesses to try […]

Silver Tsunami: Retirements put boomer-owned firms at risk but worker ownership can help

From the Detroit Free Press: We’ve known for a long time that baby boomers are hitting retirement age. Those retirements will drain from the workforce a vast amount of skills and experience. But the loss to the workforce may go beyond the loss of the boomers themselves. Since a huge number of privately held companies […]

Employee Ownership Could be Answer to Exit of Baby Boomer Owners

From the Minnesota StarTribune (pdf): The deal-making crowd is understandably excited about the fees to be earned in helping baby boomers sell their businesses on their way into retirement. None of the business brokers and bankers appear to have yet pointed out what the nonprofit group Nexus Community Partners has been saying, that this big […]

Baby boomer entrepreneurs hope co-op model will keep business going

From (pdf) Baby boomer entrepreneurs hope co-op model will keep business going Berkeley’s reclaimed trash company Urban Ore has diverted tons of garbage from the dump and into the hands of customers, and the company has become a key part of Berkeley’s recycling ecosystem. But it could disappear. That’s because the owners of the […]

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