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Next City – Can Employee Ownership Preserve Legacy Businesses in Communities of Color?

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From Next City: Philadelphia and other cities across the U.S. face an impending wave of small business upheaval as Baby Boomer-era owners reach and pass retirement age. The majority of those owners have no clear succession plan, nor do they have a new generation ready and willing to assume ownership. As this “silver tsunami” approaches, […]


The Atlantic – The Life-Changing Magic of Turning Employees Into Shareholders

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From The Atlantic: Research shows that companies with significant employee ownership grow faster than their conventionally-owned counterparts. They typically pay more, and they are less likely to lay people off in a downturn (let alone move all their operations overseas). Some have made their frontline employees and middle managers remarkably wealthy. A recent report highlighted the experience of […]

Surface Chemists of Florida – Jupiter, FL

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Industry: Manufacturing Location: Jupiter, Florida Number of employees: 10 Became employee owned: 2016 Assistance: Ohio Employee Ownership Center Learn more   Employee Owned Small Businesses in Manufacturing Employee Owned Small Businesses in Florida Employee Owned Small Businesses Assisted by OEOC


Democracy Collaborative – City governments building community wealth and cooperative local economies

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From the Democracy Collaborative: The Roundtable process (in which The Democracy Collaborative participated as consultants to the city) brought community leaders together with institutional stakeholders for a conversation about steps that could be taken to redeploy existing assets strategically to transform the economic situation on the ground in Northwest Jacksonville, where generational poverty has resulted […]

Civilization – Gainesville, FL

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Industry: Food and Beverage Location: Gainesville, Florida Number of employees: 15 Became employee owned: 2009 Learn more White – A Worker-Owner Co-op–The New Business Model Business Report of North Central Florida – Co-Ops Succeed Through Collaboration Pastore – Civilization Restaurant (video)   Employee Owned Small Businesses in Food and Beverage Employee Owned Small Businesses in Florida […]