Detroit Metro Times – Detroit’s Center for Community Based Enterprise has an innovative approach to improve work culture — make employees the owners

From the Detroit Metro Times:

The nonprofit Center for Community Based Enterprise is headquartered inside Detroit’s First Unitarian Universalist Church in the Cass Corridor, with a membership that is mixed in age, gender, race, and professional backgrounds. For all of their differences, the group’s members are united by one clear goal: making the lives of workers — and the working world — more sustainable, and inclusive of needs and desires. As such, they operate to bolster and facilitate worker cooperatives, a work format in which internal democracy and pay equity is prioritized. The result is higher pay (at least $15 per hour), increased power from employee-owners, and an emphasis on the value of workers’ inputs — not just their outputs. “If you have worker control and division of proceeds, or allocation of profits based on labor rather than cash investments, that I think is the nature,” says C2BE’s operations and project oversight manager, Michael Friedman. “It gives people a sense of meaningful work.”

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