Big Duck — Brooklyn, NY

Location: Brooklyn, NY                                                                Industry: Marketing                                                                             Number of employees: 15  Became employee-owned: 2021 […]

CUPS/ White Electric — Providence, RI

Location: Providence, RI                                                                       Industry: Cafe Number of employees: 15 Became employee-owned: 2021 […]

Konteck — Durham, NC

Location: Durham, NC Industry: AV for Universities, Hospitals &Housing Number of employees: […]

Shop Bot — Durham, NC

Location: Durham, NC                                              Industry: Manufacturing Number of employees: 35 Became employee-owned: 2021 […]

Nashville Foodscapes — Nashville, TN

Location: Nashville, TN                                                                       Industry: Landscaping Service Number of employees: 13 Became employee-owned: […]

Gray Owl Coffee — Norman, OK

Location: Norman, OK                                                                        Industry: Service Number of employees: 6  Became employee-owned: 2021 […]

The Local Butcher Shop — Berkeley, CA

Location: Berkeley, CA                                                                               Industry: Food and Beverage Number of employees: 15 Became […]