Winning Coffee Co. Moves Towards Becoming a Co-op

From the Weekly Alibi (pdf):

Winning Coffee Co. has been an Albuquerque establishment for 20 years. It’s a daily routine for students, professors, street folks, laptop nomads and newspaper-reading, life-advice-giving old townies. It’s home to a regular pop-up bookshop (Bradley’s Books), a rotating gallery that features local artists, a punk rock open mic night, countless local bands’ shows and every other kind of event you can imagine. It’s also my favorite place to nurse a hangover with some black coffee, eat a breakfast burrito and run into everyone I know.  Now, Winning Coffee is going through some changes. Don’t worry—they’re not putting in TVs or selling out to some corporate overlord. In fact, they’re becoming even more punk rock, if that’s possible. They’re becoming a worker-owned cooperative.

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Alibi – Winning Coffee Co Moves Towards Becoming a Co-op