Worker-owned co-ops: a model to build wealth for low-income communities in Chicago

From the Chicago Reporter:

Because of its historically tough political and economic environment for people of color, Chicago remains an ideal place to see gains through the establishment and growth of worker-owned co-ops. The productivity of the city’s minority workforce has long been frustrated by political malfeasance, lack of inclusion, violence and racism. Chicago should join the Imagined Economy Project list of cities. By creating and sustaining community owned cooperatives, we’ll live up to our international and historic reputation as a place for cutting edge economic development, community organization and entrepreneurship, and innovation among women and people of color.

In the months and years to come you will hear about efforts to have Illinois legally recognize worker-owned businesses. Support this effort. You will also hear about efforts by coops to purchase manufacturing businesses. Seek to know more.  And you’ll hear about creative young practitioners, organizers and innovative private and public sector leaders showing the way to a more democratic and shared stake in the economy for all of us. Challenge and encourage them.

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