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Explosion of Interest in Worker Cooperatives Drives Economic Changes

From Truthout: It’s been more than 10 years since the financial crisis of 2008, and working people are still being hammered by its effects — stagnating wages, a widening gap between the rich and the poor, and a rise in the sharing economy to meet basic needs. At the same time, one legacy of the […]


Nonprofit Takes Leadership Role to Address Business Succession “Tsunami”

From Nonprofit Quarterly: Here at NPQ, we have noted that a business ownership succession wave—often called the “silver tsunami”—is rising. According to the nonprofit Project Equity, nationally “baby boomers own 2.34 million businesses, employ 24.7 million people, and have combined annual sales of $5.14 trillion.” Sadly, 80 percent of these businesses lack succession plans. Slowly, awareness of the looming crisis […]


Chamber offers series on leaving a business

From the Sun Journal: The Lewiston Auburn Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the city of Lewiston Department of Economic Development and the Cooperative Development Institute, is offering a workshop series on leaving a business. Planning for Tomorrow is a three-part series on options and strategies for business owners to Exit Their Business and […]


Are Cooperatives Really So Difficult to Finance?

From Fifty by Fifty: Since 2012, CFNE has financed 15 co-op conversions including providing nine loans for business acquisitions and twelve working capital lines of credit to recently converted businesses. Some of our borrowers include: A Yard & A Half Landscaping Co-op, a largely immigrant co-op serving residences throughout the greater Boston area; Island Employee […]


Worker co-op bill being heard in Senate, could this model work for Benny’s?

From The Rhode Island Senate calendar for Tuesday features legislation that makes it easier to create and run worker-owned cooperatives.  The bill is “a statutory vehicle for the creation and functioning of workers’ cooperatives which are corporations that are owned and democratically governed by their members.” Read more – Worker co-op bill being heard […]


The Next Boom for Worker Co-ops?

From Shelterforce For Ward, Rock City’s employees were family, and even though some kind of employee ownership plan had been in the back of her mind as a “nebulous thing,” she recalls, it never seemed like the right time. “As my husband would say, ‘We have to operate in the black.’”In 2010, in the midst […]


Employee Ownership: A Solution that Preserves Retiring Owners’ Businesses

From Shelterforce: Reflecting growing enthusiasm for worker co-ops, the Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy—held last month in Worcester, Massachusetts—attracted a record 300-plus participants. One item on the agenda: the possibility of creating new worker cooperatives through conversions in which employees buy a business from an exiting owner. The stakes are large—and not just for worker co-op advocates. Indeed, literally millions of […]