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Nonprofit Takes Leadership Role to Address Business Succession “Tsunami”

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From Nonprofit Quarterly: Here at NPQ, we have noted that a business ownership succession wave—often called the “silver tsunami”—is rising. According to the nonprofit Project Equity, nationally “baby boomers own 2.34 million businesses, employ 24.7 million people, and have combined annual sales of $5.14 trillion.” Sadly, 80 percent of these businesses lack succession plans. Slowly, awareness of the looming crisis […]

New York

Keeping North Country businesses alive

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From the Press Republican: More than 10,000 business owners nearing retirement in the North Country, and new ones are hard to find, but the new Adirondack North Country Center for Businesses in Transition stands ready to help. The unique collaboration of regional organizations and leaders aims to support existing business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in […]


Business ownership by workers: are worker cooperatives a viable option?

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From Iowa State University: One possible strategy for both succession and new business development is employee ownership. New business formation as an employee-owned firm or cooperative may have some advantages over formation as a sole proprietorship or partnership: pooling financial resources, spreading risk and combining the various knowledge and skills of the members involved. In […]


Worker-owned / ESOPs can help preserve business in rural America

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From the USDA: Employee ownership can help a business prosper by creating financial incentives for performance and by providing more self management of working conditions and policies. These benefits may accrue whether businesses are organized as cooperatives or as Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) when workers have a majority control. Employee owners in rural communities […]