Cooperative Development Institute

Cooperative Development Institute
Northampton, MA

The USDA-designated Cooperative Business Development Center for the Northeast and works to create cooperative businesses and networks that grow a prosperous, equitable economy.

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Worker co-op bill being heard in Senate, could this model work for Benny’s?

From The Rhode Island Senate calendar for Tuesday features legislation that makes it easier to create and run worker-owned cooperatives.  The bill is “a statutory vehicle for the creation and functioning of workers’ cooperatives which are corporations that are owned and democratically governed by their members.” Read more – Worker co-op bill being heard […]

The Next Boom for Worker Co-ops?

From Shelterforce:  Susanne Ward and her husband, Patrick Reilley, moved from California to Maine in 1992 with plans of starting their own business. They decided on a used bookstore and coffee house, as they felt both good coffee and good books were in short supply in their new neighborhood. Located in the city of Rockland, […]

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